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[Papers and Slides From the 2002 GDC Europe...]
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Game development professionals from across Europe come to the GDC Europe to share ideas and create the next generation of interactive entertainment. Gain concrete, ready to use knowledge as well as an overall understanding of what makes a successful game. At the Game Developers Conference Europe, Europe's leading developers share practical information and artistic inspiration within a forum that is uniquely focused on the European game development community.

Conference sessions allow the exchange of hard-earned knowledge and practices between the game industry's most consistent and successful teams. Industry veterans provide experience and lessons learned during the development of successful titles. Game projects are dissected and analyzed, instructing developers about what went wrong and what went right. The focus is on real-world problems and solutions.

Professionals developing for all platforms and across all genres will gain valuable knowledge and insight. While topics are addressed from the developer perspective, the interactive entertainment community at large including publishers, technology providers, media, and academia can all derive great benefit from the material presented.

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